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Phew. Well, there it is: the gist of everything that's wrong with the Prime Minister. And why he should be sacked. Frankly, I'm disappointed that I didn't think of any of this myself. But there's plenty more where this came from. If you're feeling generous (and why not), you can share this article on your Facebook page. It'll help me spread the word. Or I could save you the trouble and do it myself. Who knows, maybe one day I'll start to think I'm not completely unemployable. (Image Source: File:Unemployed_dreams.jpg) A: The link to the YouTube video (8:08 mark) takes you to a site that looks like an error page. (Or maybe it's a phishing page). Whatever it is, clicking on it will not do you any good. Here is the URL: A: I've come across something similar: google:nginx "cannot find " (adding quotes doesn't change anything) Liquid crystal polymers (LCPs) are useful thermoplastics which are capable of orienting the liquid crystal structure under the influence of an applied electric field. They are characteristically molded articles which can be crosslinked to form tough and permanent parts. The thermoplastics are highly advantageous because they can be crosslinked while in the liquid state, giving a material which is thermally stable and which is relatively unaffected by changes in temperature. LCPs also have the additional advantage of being high in strength and modulus in their crosslinked form. Lack of homogeneity is a major problem which is encountered during the manufacture of LCP parts. Many manufacturers of LCPs have had to resort to complicated manufacturing methods to control the homogeneity of the material. By virtue of their ease of processing and their favorable properties, LCPs have been used in the manufacture of molded parts for a wide range of applications. For example, LCPs are useful in the manufacture of the following: gas lines, valves, mufflers, hoses, struts and stiffeners for aircraft, exhaust systems, housings for semiconductor devices, etc. One method of forming LCP parts is by injection molding. The principal advantage of injection molding is that complicated, hollow, molded parts are rapidly and easily formed from LCPs. For many parts,



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